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Free MARC Records

for HeinOnline's Social Justice Suite via Cassidy Cataloguing

Cassidy Cataloging

In October 2016, HeinOnline unveiled Slavery in America and the World: History, Culture & Law, a unique database released free of charge on a global scale to help librarians guide their communities and create an environment for open and positive dialogue. Less than three years later, we announced another free database, Gun Regulation and Legislation in America, with the same vision. In 2020, we were proud to offer Civil Rights and Social Justice, another free research database dedicated to the fight for civil rights in America. In 2021, at a crucial moment in history, we released the Open Society Justice Initiative, as the fourth free database within our Social Justice Suite. In June 2022, in honor of Pride Month, we presented the LGBTQ+ Rights database to showcase the history of the gay rights movement, as well as the inequalities that still exist today. 

Our official cataloging partner, Cassidy Cataloguing Services, Inc., has now made MARC records available for these five databases* at no additional charge to you. These robust records contain multiple access points of metadata, including title, variant titles, author, editors, compilers, series notes, contents, and—best of all—a one-click URL to take your users directly to the content. These are the same high-quality records utilized for all HeinOnline databases and for Cassidy print publications.

*Please note, the initial archive file of the MARC Records will be provided at no additional cost. If you would like to continue receiving updates of records for these databases, Cassidy charges a small annual fee.

Free Social Justice Suite MARC Records

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