MyHein: A Staple for HeinOnline Researchers

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Lauren Mattiuzzo

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A Power Researcher’s Best Friend

MyHein has evolved from its inception in 2008 as a bookmarking device to its present-day functionality as a multi-dimensional research tool relied upon by thousands of HeinOnline users. Throughout the years we have enhanced this tool time and time again to make your research experience a breeze. Let’s take a quick look at the various features this tool offers.


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Tip of the Week: Performing a Venn Diagram Search

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Tara Kibler

Venn Diagrams show all possible logical relations among a set of terms, with each term typically represented by a circle. The circles in a Venn Diagram overlap to show how and where the terms intersect.

With the Venn Diagram search in HeinOnline, researchers can visualize the results yield of various keywords to better refine their searches. Users can not only search with the Venn Diagram within one database, but they can also use it to refine their searches across all subscribed databases. This feature saves valuable time and effort, eliminating the need to continuously switch databases and/or edit a search.

In addition, this feature is a valuable teaching tool for guiding students and other budding researchers…

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New Database! NOMOS: American Society for Political and Legal Philosophy

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Lauren Mattiuzzo

Nomos, from Ancient Greek, stands for the body of law governing human behavior, or the “spirit of the law” in Greek mythology. This became the basis for the highly regarded NOMOS series, launched in 1958 by the American Society for Political and Legal Philosophy (ASPLP). It includes scholarly work from some of the most distinguished and accomplished scholars in political and legal philosophy. This robust thematic collection contains more than 60 volumes* covering valuable interdisciplinary research. It has become a go-to resource for scholars to kick-start their research.

We are pleased to announce the addition of this series in our new database, NOMOS: American Society for Political and Legal Philosophy

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What’s New in HeinOnline: January 2021 Content Release

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Tara Kibler

Birds flying high—they know how we feel. 2021 is a new dawn, today is a new day, and we’re feeling good.

So good, in fact, that we’re coming at you again with another whopping content release. Stick around and check out what’s new!


Updated databases: 72

New titles: 1,731

New volumes: 2,961

New pages added last month: 917,500

Total pages in HeinOnline: 191,897,636

Highlights from the Past Month


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Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Buying GameStop

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Tara Kibler

In a David and Goliath story for the modern era, at-home Reddit-browsing retail investors have taken on the investment firms of Wall Street—and the Redditors, up until recently, were winning.

Gaming GameStop for All It’s Worth (and More)

If you are or were a video game enthusiast, you may be familiar with GameStop, an American video game, electronics, and gaming merchandise retailer. As online game services such as Xbox Live, Playstation Network, and Steam have risen in popularity, the market for physical game retailers has been in steep decline. Over the past six years, GameStop has subsequently been losing money. Not surprisingly, its stock plummeted.

Pivot to the investment firms of Wall Street who…

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New Journals Added to HeinOnline This Month!

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Lauren Mattiuzzo

With the January content release, we added 9 new journals, 8 of which are active serials. Let’s dive into our new Law Journal Library titles this month and see the type of content they cover.


Vols. 1-16#1 (2003-2020)

Published by the Construction Law Section of the State Bar of Texas

The Construction Law Journal is published semi-annually by the Construction Law Section of the State Bar of Texas with the assistance of students from South Texas College of Law Houston. The purpose of the Journal is to publish well-researched…

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The Great Gatsby Gets the Green Light in HeinOnline

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Tara Kibler

Fun fact! At the start of each new year, thousands of U.S. copyrights expire. As we all rang in 2021 a couple of weeks ago, every single work published in 1925 subsequently entered the public domain—most notably, perhaps, the acclaimed classic The Great Gatsby. 

About the Work

Frequently spotted in high school English courses or on “classic books” lists, The Great Gatsby has been a staple 20th century American novel for nearly 100 years. Penned by F. Scott Fitzgerald, the work is a window into the social life of 1920s America—complete with jazz music, glamorous flappers, bootlegging, and speakeasies—while also a reflection of the life of the author…

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HeinOnline’s World Constitutions Illustrated: January 2021 Update

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Breanne Callahan

Back in October, we updated researchers on the content that was released in the World Constitutions Illustrated database from July to September 2020. Read below to find out what new documents have been added to this ever-growing database.

Update from October 2020 to Date

Since our last content news update, we have updated 17 countries and added 93 new titles to the World Constitutions Illustrated database.

We will continue to provide constitutional content news right here on the HeinOnline Blog. Be sure to subscribe to receive notifications when new posts are published…

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2020 Year in Review

What's New, Year in Review
Lauren Mattiuzzo

In one key phrase we can sum up 2020: unprecedented times. While we were happy to start a fresh new year, 2020 will always be a year to remember. Here are some notable events that happened in the past 12 months:

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Secrets of the Serial Set: The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico

American History, Foreign Affairs, Secrets of the Serial Set, U.S. Congressional Serial Set
Tara Kibler

This month, HeinOnline continues its Secrets of the Serial Set series by delving into the question of Puerto Rico—how did the island become a U.S. territory? As U.S. citizens, how do Puerto Ricans participate in American democracy? Should the territory ultimately become an American state?

Secrets of the Serial Set is an exciting and informative monthly blog series from HeinOnline dedicated to unveiling the wealth of American history found in the United States Congressional Serial Set. Documents from additional HeinOnline databases have been incorporated to supplement research materials for non-U.S. related events discussed.

The U.S. Congressional Serial Set is considered an essential publication for studying American history…

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