What’s New in HeinOnline: August Content Release

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Lauren Mattiuzzo

As summer is coming to an end, schools are slowly returning back, and while that might look different for some students and faculty, HeinOnline has stayed consistent through this uncertain time. As everyone adjusts to the “new norm” for this school year, let’s take a look at some of the new and exciting things we have been up to this past month.


Updated databases: 58

New titles: 1,967

New volumes: 3,037

New pages added last month: 913,863

Total pages in HeinOnline: 187,968,547

Highlights from the Past Month

  • Connector…

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New Journals Added to HeinOnline This Month!

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Tara Kibler

With the August content release, we added 11 new journals, ten of which are active serials. Join us as we take a closer look at each of the new titles and the type of content they cover.


Vols. 1-6 (2013-2018)

Published by Admiralty Record Publishing Company, L.L.C.

The Admiralty Record, first published in 2014, is an annual publication that reports the admiralty and maritime law opinions issued by the Supreme Court of the United States and the United States Court of Appeals that are designated for publication during a particular calendar year, beginning with those issued during 2013…

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Phase II Complete: ORCID Records Appear in HeinOnline

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Tara Kibler

Remember January? We rang in 2020, and everyone had high hopes for the new year. HeinOnline kicked off that first month with the news that we had integrated with ORCID—an announcement that excited authors everywhere because this new partnership would enable them to get the accurate recognition they deserved for their work.

We could never have imagined how the entire world would change just a few weeks later. 2020 turned out to be … something. But we’re here to brighten it up with another huge ORCID announcement—Phase II of ORCID is now officially complete! Keep reading to find out about the new feature now available to HeinOnline authors…

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Secrets of the Serial Set: The Apartheid Era

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Tara Kibler

This month, HeinOnline continues its Secrets of the Serial Set series with a look back on the South African system of apartheid and the U.S. anti-apartheid movement.

Secrets of the Serial Set is an exciting and informative monthly blog series from HeinOnline dedicated to unveiling the wealth of American history found in the United States Congressional Serial Set. Documents from additional HeinOnline databases have been incorporated to supplement research materials for non-U.S. related events discussed.

The U.S. Congressional Serial Set is considered an essential publication for studying American history. Spanning more than two centuries with more than 17,000 bound volumes…

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Tip of the Week: How to Search within Results

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Lauren Mattiuzzo

Have you ever constructed a search query in HeinOnline that generated a large number of results? Instead of starting from scratch and creating a new query, users can select the Search Within Results button to add additional terms and narrow down results. Let’s take a look at this handy feature!

Search within Results

Let’s research a current hot topic in the news. Enter the Law Journal Library, and using the Full Text tab run a search for “mail-in ballot” OR “vote-by-mail.” This query produces more than 700 results…

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4 Simple Ways to Research the Women’s Suffrage Centennial

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Tara Kibler

In 1914, a constitutional amendment for women’s suffrage—nicknamed the “Susan B. Anthony Amendment,” after one of its most ardent supporters—was considered by the Senate. The proposed amendment followed more than a half-century’s fight for legal recognition of the female right to vote, decades of which were characterized by suffragist conventions, parades, and arrests across the country. After numerous rejections, the proposal was finally passed in June of 1920 and ratified as the 19th Amendment on August 18th of the same year.

Today we celebrate 100 years since that historic day, and right on the heels of the third female vice-presidential pick by a major American political party in history…

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NEW DATABASE! COVID-19 in America: Response, Issues, and Law

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Tara Kibler

Back in March, we wrote a blog on the new and mysterious COVID-19, a respiratory disease caused by a novel coronavirus known as SARS-CoV-2. The blog was published just two days after the World Health Organization officially declared COVID-19 a pandemic, and at the time of the post, only 135,000 people had been infected.

Little did we know how life as the world knew it would be upended and redefined.

A Disease Goes Global

It was soon discovered that COVID-19 could rapidly progress from mild cold and flu symptoms to severe respiratory distress requiring intubation and, at times, causing organ failure or death…

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The Greatest Shows on Earth: County Fairs, Carnivals, and Circuses

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Stephanie Ruesch

Ah, August. Here at HeinOnline headquarters, located in Great Lake-side Erie County, NY, we’re soaking up summer before the leaves start changing and the snow starts falling (and falling, and falling, and falling…). Discerning residents of Erie County know August is the superior summer month, for every year it brings the ultimate, unbeatable, uncontested best twelve days of summer: the Erie County Fair.

But COVID-19 has postponed this venerable celebration of agriculture and fried food until 2021, and this Hein blogger is feeling wistful about all the county fairs, carnivals, and circuses that have been sidelined until a summer when we are able to cease social distancing…

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Unpacking the History of American and International Child Rights

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Tara Kibler

What is a child? It may seem like a silly question, but the answer is more nuanced than one might think. In biology, the term refers to the state of the human being between birth and puberty. Legally, it refers to a person younger than a predetermined age of majority—the point in time when a person can take legal control over their actions and decisions. Symbolically, children have become much more. Over the past several hundred years, the child has become not only an allegory for innocence and the embodiment of freedom, but also a shining beacon of hope for future generations widely considered in need of adult protection.

Pre-20th Century Children

Though this view of the child is one we’re all familiar with now…

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HeinOnline’s State Constitutions Illustrated: August 2020 Update

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Lauren Mattiuzzo

Back in February, we updated researchers on new material that was added to our new database, State Constitutions Illustrated. In the last six months, we’ve added more material! Read below for an update to see what’s new in this database.

Updates from February to Date

Since February, additional current documents have been added to three states, and nearly 800 prestatehood documents have been added to several other states. All states are up to date as of the elections of November 5, 2018…

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