Shane P. Marmion Named President of William S. Hein & Co., Inc.

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Shannon Furtak

We are pleased to announce an important change at William S. Hein & Co., Inc. and HeinOnline! Shane P. Marmion, former Vice President of Product Development, is now the fourth president in the company’s history. He replaces his father, Kevin, who served as Hein’s president for more than twenty years. Kevin remains at Hein as CEO and will continue to develop long-term strategic goals for the company.

Shane’s fast facts:

  1. He is a graduate of the University of Buffalo School of Management.
  2. He has been employed with Hein since 1996.
  3. Despite being born and raised in Buffalo, New York, he is an avid Green Bay Packers fan.

Shane began his career with Hein working in the Shipping Department. He subsequently moved into the Production Department, assuming the position of Production Coordinator before being promoted to Production Manager and eventually to Director of Digital Production. He was named Vice President of Product Development in February 2011. Under his guidance, HeinOnline has grown in size and prominence and now contains more than 200,000 titles, 75 databases, and nearly 160 million pages.

As part of the reorganization, Shane has named Wm. Shannon Hein as Executive Vice President. Shannon Hein has been serving as Vice President of Sales since 2008 and has been instrumental in the international growth of HeinOnline.

Shannon’s fast facts:

  1. He is a graduate of the College of Charleston, and still loves to visit the city of Charleston.
  2. He joined the company in 1999 to oversee Hein’s acquisition of Fred B. Rothman & Co.
  3. Shannon enjoys international business travel and soaking in various global cultures.

Additional Company Changes

Shane has also named Kyle Daving as Vice President of Technology. Kyle has been with Hein for 12 years and most recently has served as the company’s IT Manager.

Daniel P. Rosati, Sr. Vice President, who has been with the company 37 years, has been appointed Chief Resource Officer.

Chairman of the Board, William S. Hein, commented, “Kevin and I are proud to see our sons take on the leadership roles in the company. We know the company will continue to grow and maintain the values and mission to provide services necessary to assist in the effectiveness of our growing worldwide customer base, while maintaining our reputation of competency and professionalism, providing the best customer service in our industry.”

Things That Will Never Change

While technological advances and staff reorganizations are inevitable in any business, one aspect of the Hein Company will never change: our continued goal of providing the best products and service to our customers. Under Shane’s guidance, HeinOnline has grown into a popular global research powerhouse, and we’re far from finished. For more information about the growth of HeinOnline, check out last week’s blog post: From 25 to 2500: How the Growth of the Law Journal Library Represents the Evolution of HeinOnline.

If you have any questions, please contact Join us in congratulating Shane on his remarkable achievement!

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