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2023 Year in Review


2023 was the year of the Eras tour, Hollywood strikes, Barbenheimer, chatGPT, and when the Swifties learned who Travis Kelce was. It was also supposed to be the year that Sudan became a democracy; instead, they got into a civil war. A war between Israel and Hamas has resulted in thousands of deaths in the Middle East. India passed China as the world’s most populous country, Twitter became X, and the World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared the end of the COVID-19 pandemic. Oh, and did I mention that 2023 cranked up the heat? Literally. It was the hottest year on record. Throughout it all, HeinOnline remained committed to creating a stellar research experience so users could learn more about all of these topics and more.

In 2023 alone, HeinOnline had more than 63 million searches and nearly 1.8 billion hits! Our dedicated Support Team logged more than 13,000 hours of live support, helping customers through more than 1,300 chats and 1,000 phone calls. During that time, we also added new databases and content and implemented new search features. Here’s a brief synopsis of what happened with HeinOnline in 2023.

New Databases

1. Labor and Employment: The American Worker

Explore the plight and successes of America’s working class with HeinOnline’s editorialized collection of more than 10,000 titles that illuminate the history of labor conditions and employment law in the United States. This comprehensive database combines legislative histories, Supreme Court case briefs, accounts of historical labor riots, current reports on working conditions, and so much more.

2. Military Legal Resources (U.S. Army JAG School)

Discover the world of the Judge Advocate General’s Corps (JAG) with this exhaustive collection created in collaboration with the William Winthrop Memorial Library of the U.S. Army JAG School, including a wealth of rare and hard-to-find titles in a fully searchable and browsable format. This is an ideal resource for military institutions and anyone with a passion for military law.

3. Law Library of Congress Reports

Developed in collaboration with the Law Library of Congress, HeinOnline’s Law Library of Congress Reports is an exclusive database boasting a collection of more than 4,200 meticulously crafted reports on foreign, comparative, and international law—all in one easy-to-navigate database. This collection is included within our Foreign & International Law Resources Database, representing a newly added Part VIII. 

4. Voting Rights & Election Law

Browse and search through a collection of thousands of subject-coded titles that illustrate the nuances and complexities of elections and voting systems—the lifeblood of democracy—both in America and across the globe. With thousands of titles covering topics ranging from absentee voting to voting rights, this database offers unparalleled access to information surrounding historical and recent elections at both the federal and local levels.

5. Judges and the Judiciary: Exploring America’s Court System

A fully revamped collection compiling comprehensive resources that analyze how the complex web of judiciary structures, composition, oversight, procedures, and actions within America’s court system touches the lives of everyday Americans. Formerly known as Congress and the Courts, this collection was originally built around Bernard D. Reams, Jr., et al.’s Congress and the Courts: A Legislative History, 1787-2018; it is now supported and supplemented with content that goes far beyond Article III courts.

New Features

icon of a facet

Enhanced Faceting

Enhanced faceting is a search feature that empowers users to quickly narrow down search results based on specific criteria. By selecting certain facets, you can instantly refine your search and zero in on the most relevant results. With tens of millions of pages to sift through in HeinOnline, refining your search queries has never been faster or more efficient. 

icon of a csv file

Catalog Search Results CSV

Users can download their catalog search results directly into a CSV file. Imagine the convenience of transforming your search results into a versatile format with just a few clicks. Within the file, users will find the title, link to the title in HeinOnline, display coverage, and the date the title was published.

2023 HeinOnline Hits

Let’s dig even deeper. See below for the most accessed articles, databases, blogs, and more!

And, here is our most popular tweet, with nearly 99,000 views!

Other Notable Content Additions

Since January 2023, HeinOnline has added:

  • 6,683,893 pages, bringing the total page count to 211,442,346
  • 145 new journals
  • 5,027 congressional documents
  • 2,624 CRS Reports
  • 1,062 GAO opinions
  • 952 legal classics
  • 885 titles to Taxation and Economic Reform in America: Parts I & II
  • 425 to World Constitutions Illustrated
  • 198 titles to Immigration Law & Policy in the U.S.
  • 195 titles to Women and the Law
  • 177 titles to Religion and the Law
  • 152 titles to Indigenous Peoples of the Americas: History, Culture & Law
  • 128 titles to U.S. International Trade Library

New titles and new content for existing titles continue to be added and milestones continue to be reached, including:

Check icon

We updated various accessibility features within our platform.

Check icon

We expanded our agreement with John Wiley & Sons, Inc. to bring six more journals to the Law Journal Library.

Check icon

The Comparative Constitutional Studies Journal was added to the Edward Elgar Law Publishing Package.

Check icon

We included the legislative history of the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022.

Check icon

The Air and Space Law database now contains nearly 200 titles from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

Check icon

A brand new subcollection of content from the Williams Institute was added to the LGBTQ+ Rights database.

Check icon

We partnered with the Connecticut Library Consortium (CLC)!

For a quick visual summary, check out this infographic.

image of 2023 HeinOnline year in review infographic
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