American Indian Law Collection Enhancement for Native American Heritage Month!

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Last month, we featured HeinOnline’s American Indian Law Collection in an in-depth post about Native American history. This November, in celebration of Native American Heritage Month, we’ve enhanced the American Indian Law Collection at no additional cost for subscribers. Learn more about this unique database for yourself, and then keep reading for an overview of its new content and features!


Native American Treaty Updates

Extensive Treaty Coverage

The American Indian Law Collection includes a extensive list of 418 Native American treaties, 416 of which include full-text coverage. The treaties are primarily derived from the Kappler index published in the U.S. Statutes at Large, compiled in 1903 by Charles Kappler, the clerk of the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs.

We didn’t just stop with the Kappler index, however. We’ve also added nine additional agreements not identified by Kappler, seven of which were established with Great Britain and are still recognized by the United States today.

These treaties are also located in HeinOnline’s U.S. Treaties & Agreements Library and the World Treaty Library. If users are aware of additional treaties that may be incorporated into HeinOnline’s coverage, please send your suggestions to

Editorialized Treaties

Each treaty includes a handful of metadata points that have now been identified and extracted to display within the database. Navigate to the Native American Treaties tab within the American Indian Law Collection and choose to browse the treaties by their tribe name or date.

Select the name of a treaty to view its metadata points, including treaty number, tribe(s), subject(s), short title, citation(s), date(s), description, signatories, and agreement(s) affected.

New Search Tool

Users will also notice that the American Indian Law Collection is now equipped with a handy Native American Treaty Search tool. Find the tool under the main search bar from any page within the database.

Search by keywords and text, treaty number, tribe, short title, treaty description, date, and/or subject.

Special Thanks

We would like to give a special thanks to Susan Gualtier (Reference Librarian, Biddle Law Library, University of Pennsylvania Law School) for her work in identifying the Native American treaties and their respective metadata points. Susan’s efforts have made this content available for subscribers.

See the Database in Action

With more than 2,000 titles unique to this collection and more than 1.3 million total pages dedicated to American Indian law, this library includes federal statutes and regulations, federal case law, tribal codes, and constitutions in addition to its extensive coverage of Native American treaties.

See all that the American Indian Law Collection has to offer in last month’s exploration of indigenous American history.

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