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New Database: Military and Government


We are pleased to announce that we have added a new database, Military and Government. With this new database, users can explore thousands of diverse publications related to the history, glory, and nitty-gritty of the U.S. Military. It has been added free of charge to select U.S. and Canadian Core subscriptions*. Learn more about this database in the video below, or keep reading for more details.

Fighting on Land, Air, Sea, and Space

Establishing and maintaining a military force is one of the oldest traditions in human history. After centuries of military administration and development, the United States Armed Forces are now considered the world’s most powerful.

Made up of six service branches—the ArmyMarine CorpsNavy, Air ForceSpace Force, and Coast Guard—their mission is to protect the United States and U.S. interests at home and abroad. Aside from their obvious role as a fighting force, the missions of these branches have evolved over time to include humanitarian assistance, natural disaster relief, rescue operations, and policing the seas against piracy and drug smuggling.

With such crucial responsibilities, the military continues to be paramount in the defense and betterment of the United States. As such, it is an institution that receives an enormous amount of policy consideration, funding and appropriations, administrative hours, technological resources, and political debate as compared to others. In addition, an effective U.S. military necessitates significant dedication of resources toward recruitment, training, retention, and care for its personnel; the uniqueness of these practices and procedures, in turn, makes the military a distinct social subculture complete with its own norms, values, and concerns. Thus, just by its nature, a study of the U.S. military is inherently multidisciplinary— simultaneously a study of history, politics, sociology, economics, human rights, medicine, technology, mental health, employment and labor, and more.

About the Military and Government Database

HeinOnline’s Military and Government allows users to research the functions of the federal government in administering these essential armed forces, as well as the issues confronting service personnel both on and off the battlefield—from women’s changing role in the military to the development of new weaponry to navigating benefits offered by the Department of Veterans Affairs after service. With funding to the Department of Defense making up the largest portion of the U.S. federal budget, users can also find publications devoted to debating and accounting for appropriations and other funds spent.

Start your research with primary source documents such as committee prints, government reports, congressional hearings, legislative histories, and the entirety of three Code of Federal Regulations Titles (6, 32, and 38) and multiple relevant U.S. Code Titles (6, 10, 14, 32, 34, 37, 38, and 50). Supplement with thought-provoking books, serials, periodicals, and scholarly articles, carefully curated and added to this database for their analyses and discussions of military life, operations, administration, and related issues. Finally, also find the entirety of the Pentagon Papers in a fully searchable format, allowing researchers access to these essential documents for understanding foreign policy, the Vietnam War, and chain-of-command decision-making.

Screenshot of Military and Government introduction page

Subject-Coded Content for Easy Navigation

To aid users in browsing and searching all of this content, HeinOnline editors have created 30 new subjects to help users discover the content most relevant to their research. Every title in this collection has been analyzed by HeinOnline editors and assigned one or more subjects based on its subject matter and military branch (titles dealing with the military generally, the Department of Defense, or Homeland Security have not been assigned a branch). The new subjects include:

  • Air Force
  • Alliances and Coalitions
  • Armed Conflict
  • Army
  • Branch Roles and Missions
  • Coast Guard
  • Compensation in the Military
  • Cyberwarfare
  • Defense Accounting and Acquisitions
  • Defense Appropriations and Authorizations
  • Diversity in the Military
  • Draft and Selective Service
  • Ethics of Law and War
  • Marine Corps
  • Military Command and Organizations
  • Military Contracting
  • Military Health and Wellness Issues
  • Military Installations
  • Military Justice
  • Military Procedure and Regulations
  • Military Recruitment and Training
  • Military Workforce and Personnel
  • National Security
  • Navy
  • Sexual Assault
  • Space Force
  • Terrorism and Insurgency
  • Veterans’ Issues
  • Weaponry, Technology, and Equipment
  • Women in the Military

Database Features

Offering more than 17,000 titles to choose from, content in this database is grouped by publication type and includes:

Books and Periodicals

Unearth thousands of books, periodicals, serials, and articles ranging in date from the 1700s to present day. Find accounts of the American Civil War, profiles of generals, historical court martial trials, and more.

Legislative Histories

Browse more than 100 histories on legislation relating to the military; legislative histories present the journey of a bill as it becomes a law, with all its changes, additions, deletions, and various legislative hurdles.

Code of Federal Regulations (CFR)
& United States Code

Find a multitude of U.S. Code and Code of Federal Regulations titles relating to the military, national security, and veterans on the current statutory positions of the federal government.

Committee Prints &
Congressional Hearings

Explore more than 6,000 committee prints, providing background information on committee topics, as well as official congressional hearings, perfect for legislative analysis.

Government Reports

Find more than 8,000 reports on a diverse range of topics, including weaponry, naval ships, troop levels, courts martial, and more.

Additional Resources

Expand your research with our librarian-curated resources, branch-specific resources, and links to the history and memory of the U.S. government.

Military and Government LibGuide

To learn more about the Military and Government database, check out our dedicated LibGuide that includes search tips, features, training materials, and more.

Laptop showing Military and Government LibGuide

*Not subscribed to one of the select Core packages? Contact our Marketing department at marketing@wshein.com for pricing.

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