New Journals Added to HeinOnline: November 2021

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With the November content release, we added eight new journals, five of which are active serials. Keep reading to learn all about these new journals, including a major expansion of coverage for Oxford University Press journals!

Corporate and Business Law Journal

Vols. 1-2 (2020-2021)

Published by Arizona State University (ASU)

The Corporate and Business Journal is a forum for the publication and exchange of ideas and information about trends and developments within business and corporate law. The Journal publishes articles and comments on various topics, including corporate governance, securities regulation, capital market regulation, employment law, and the law of mergers and acquisitions. Historically, corporate and business law has been heavily influenced by east coast institutions and practitioners. Accordingly, CABLJ offers a unique opportunity for students, scholars, and the Arizona community as a whole to readily engage in the discourse surrounding these practice areas.

Jus Corpus Law Journal

Vol. 1 (2020-2021)

Published by Jus Corpus

Jus Corpus Law Journal is a double-blind, peer-reviewed, inter-disciplinary e-journal that aims to bring various aspects and chains of law under a single umbrella and provide services to the students. Jus Corpus Law Journal publishes manuscripts in the fields of Law.

Jus Corpus Law Journal provides a platform to students, academicians, research scholars, professors, and professionals to publish their articles, book reviews, case comments, etc. in the different issues and blogs in the Journal and the Blog section. 

Pro Lege Review (Revista Pro Lege)

HeinOnline Coverage: 1990-2021#2

Published by Universul Juridic Publishing House

Pro Lege is a review open to studies, articles, comments, analyses, opinions and research dedicated to institutions dealing in criminal law, criminal procedural law, forensics, criminology, judicial statistics, and in other fields relating to the Public Ministry’s activity. The review also publishes theoretical syntheses on judicial practice, as well as Romanian and European jurisprudence, together with advisory or critical notes, considered from a scientific viewpoint.

Revista Themis


Published by Universul Juridic Publishing House

Themis Journal is a publication with articles written by trainers, judges, and prosecutors. It has both a professional and an educational mission. It serves the legal profession, the bench, and the academy by providing a forum for the publication of creative legal research of the uppermost quality. The journal’s mission is to engage, stimulate, and inform judges and prosecutors with an enduring source of knowledge and creativity. The articles focus entirely on practical law aspects.

Strani Pravni Zivot (Foreign Legal Life)


Published by Institut za Uporedno Pravo

Strani Pravni Zivot (Foreign Legal Life) is a scientific journal in the field of law published by the Institute of Comparative Law ( The journal contains previously unpublished original scientific papers related to international law and foreign legal systems (law analysis and/or case law comments). The journal is primarily aimed at publishing scientific papers in the field of legal science (including different areas of law: public, criminal, civil, commercial, international law).

Publisher Update

Due to an updated agreement with Oxford University Press, 13 of Oxford’s journals are now behind a shortened, three-year embargo, bringing nearly 20 years of new content into HeinOnline’s Law Journal Library! Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post featuring more about this update.

Law Journal Library LibGuide

For more information on navigating the Law Journal Library, check out the LibGuide! Find search tips, tools, features, training materials, and more.

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