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Connect With HeinOnline’s Digital Library this National Library Week


Although we here at HeinOnline like to celebrate the importance of libraries every day of the year, National Library Week is a week of recognition for all the good that libraries do for our schools and communities. Sponsored by the American Library Association (ALA), National Library Week was first celebrated in 1958 in an effort to encourage Americans to read during a time when radio, television, and music were rapidly replacing books as favored forms of entertainment. Now, National Library Week is celebrated each April. The theme for this year is “Connect with Your Library,” highlighting all of the different ways that libraries can connect patrons to technology, education, community resources, and much more.

To honor this year’s theme, we thought it would be a great time to highlight the different ways that you can connect with HeinOnline, a digital library filled with primary and secondary sources that contextualize the past and inform the present. And, yes, HeinOnline’s databases contain thousands upon thousands of books!

Top 5 Most Read Books in HeinOnline

Below is a list of the most read books in HeinOnline over the past year.

1. Leviathan: Or, the Matter, Forme and Power of a Commonwealth, Ecclesiasticall and Civil

HeinOnline Database: Legal Classics

Hobbes, Thomas; Oakeshott, Michael, Editor

1v. New York: Collier Books, 1962

cover of Leviathan

2. Democracy and Education: An Introduction to the Philosophy of Education

HeinOnline Database: Legal Classics

Dewey, John

1v. New York: The Free Press, 1916

3. Origins of Totalitarianism

HeinOnline Database: Legal Classics

Arendt, Hannah

1v. New York: Meridian Book, Inc., 1958

4. Normal Life: Administrative Violence, Critical Trans Politics, and the Limits of Law

HeinOnline Database: Legal Classics

Spade, Dean

1v. Durham: Duke University Press, 2015

5. Capital; Manifesto of the Communist Party

HeinOnline Database: World Constitutions Illustrated

Marx, Karl; Engels, Friedrich

1v. Chicago, Ill: Encyclopaedia Britannica ; Benton, 1952

Resources to Help You Get the Most Out of HeinOnline

When it comes to using HeinOnline, if you have questions, we have answers. Our team has curated an ever-growing collection of resources to help users conduct all kinds of searches, utilize Hein’s unique tools and features, and more. For example, check out our:


These in-depth guides offer database-specific content, search tips, tools, features, training materials, and so much more. Users of all backgrounds can utilize our LibGuides to learn more about our databases and interface functionality, and libraries can even feature these guides on their websites as a student/patron resource.

YouTube Videos

Check out HeinOnline’s YouTube channel for database tutorials, training on the go, webinars, tips and tricks, and more! Our videos are easy to follow along and are great for visual learners.

Knowledge Base

This first stop for HeinOnline knowledge answers FAQs, offers tips and tricks, provides links to guides and videos, and more.

Chat and Phone

For when you want to speak with a real person, our live chat function and phones are available 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday to connect you with a dedicated HeinOnline support specialist.

Connect With Us on Social Media

Of course, you can also keep up with the latest that’s going on at HeinOnline by following us on our social media platforms. Check out our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn pages to stay up to date on content releases, tips and tricks, features and tools, and much more. And be sure to subscribe to our blog so you are always getting our newest posts delivered right to your inbox!

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