New Journals Added to HeinOnline: June 2022

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With the June content release, we added 11 new journals, six of which are from our recent agreement with Springer. These new journals cover subjects including human rights, law enforcement, gender and the law, climate change, and more! Keep reading to learn all about these publications.

1. Asian Journal of Criminology

Full Text: Vols. 1-15 (2006-2020)

Indexed: Vols. 1-17#2 (2006-2022)

Published by Springer Nature B.V.

Subjects: Penology, Law Enforcement, Police, Gender and the Law

The Asian Journal of Criminology advances the study of criminology and criminal justice, promoting evidence-based public policy in crime prevention, and comparative studies on crime and criminal justice. The Journal provides a platform for discussion and exchange of ideas among criminologists, policymakers, and practitioners, by publishing papers relating to crime, crime prevention, criminal law, medico-legal topics, and the administration of criminal justice in Asian countries. The focus is on theoretical and methodological papers with an emphasis on evidence-based, empirical research addressing crime in Asian contexts. It presents research from a broad variety of methodological traditions, including quantitative, qualitative, historical, and comparative methods. Its multi-disciplinary approach spans a range of disciplines, including criminology, criminal justice, law, sociology, psychology, forensic science, social work, urban studies, history, and geography.

2. Criminal Law Forum

Full Text: Vols. 1-31 (1989-2020)

Indexed: Vols. 1-33#2 (1989-2022)

Published by Springer Nature B.V.

Subjects: Criminal Law and Procedure, International Law, Courts, International Criminal Court

Criminal Law Forum is the official journal of the Society for the Reform of Criminal Law, based in Vancouver, British Columbia. It is a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the advancement of criminal law theory, practice, and reform throughout the world. Under the direction of an international editorial board, Criminal Law Forum serves the global community of criminal law scholars and practitioners through its publication of original contributions and the dissemination of noteworthy public documents.

3. International Journal of Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law and Economics

Full Text: Vols. 1-20 (2001-2020)

Indexed: Vols. 1-22#2 (2001-2022)

Published by Springer Nature B.V.

Subjects: Climate Change, Environmental Law, International Law, Water Law

International Environmental Agreements: Politics, Law and Economics is a peer-reviewed, multi-disciplinary journal that focuses on the theoretical, methodological, and practical dimensions of cooperative solutions to international environmental problems. The journal explores both formal legal agreements such as multilateral treaties, and less formal cooperative mechanisms such as ministerial declarations and producer-consumer agreements. Its scope encompasses a wide range of environmental and natural resource issues, including biosafety, biodiversity loss, climate change, desertification, forest conservation, ozone depletion, transboundary pollutant flows, and the management of marine and fresh-water resources.

4. International Journal of Law Management & Humanities

Vols. 1-5#2 (2018-2022)

Published by VidhiAagaz

Subjects: Gender and the Law, Human Rights laws, International Law

This peer-reviewed journal is an open-access, online, bi-monthly, multi-disciplinary international journal that publishes manuscripts revolving around law, management, and humanities. The Journal intends to be a leader in facilitating a new kind of discussion in various fields of law. Believing it is time for transformation in academia, International Journal of Law Management & Humanities will be at the forefront in reinforcing relationships between communities and institutions of higher learning.

5. Journal of Consumer Policy

Full Text: Vols. 1-31 (1977-2020)

Indexed: Vols. 1-45#2 (1977-2022)

Published by Springer Nature B.V.

Subjects: Consumer Protection Law, Business and the Law, Economics Law

The Journal of Consumer Policy examines the behavior of consumers and producers, and fosters communication among parties in the marketplace. It explores consumer dependence on existing social and economic structures, helps to define consumer interests, and discusses ways in which consumer welfare can be fostered⁠—or restrained⁠—through actions and policies of consumers, industry, organizations, government, educational institutions, and mass media.

6. Journal of Experimental Criminology

Full Text: Vols. 1-16 (2005-2020)

Indexed: Vols. 1-18#2 (2005-2022)

Published by Springer Nature B.V.

Subjects: Law Enforcement, Penology, Police, Evidence

The Journal of Experimental Criminology focuses on high-quality experimental and quasi-experimental research in the advancement of criminological theory and/or the development of evidence-based crime and justice policy. The Journal is also committed to the advancement of the science of systematic reviews and experimental methods in criminology and criminal justice. It seeks empirical papers on experimental and quasi-experimental studies, systematic reviews on substantive criminological and criminal justice issues, and methodological papers on experimentation and systematic review. The Journal encourages submissions from scholars in the broad array of scientific disciplines that are concerned with criminology as well as crime and justice problems.

7. Journal of Law and Technology at Texas (JOLTT)

Vols. 1-5 (2017-2021)

Published by University of Texas School of Law

Subjects: Information Privacy, Torts, Communications Law, Science, Technology, and the Law

The Journal of Law and Technology at Texas (JOLTT) exists to explore the intersection of law and technology. Advancing technology is rapidly changing society, and the law is being stretched in new and unforeseen ways to keep up. They are an entrepreneurial journal, focused on providing space for students and practitioners to discuss all things law and technology and to zero in on their specific interests. This is done through regular publication of legal thought leadership covering many areas of technology law including privacy, e-commerce, internet freedom, medical technology, telecommunications, and more. The Journal is student-run and the publications are exclusively student-edited.

8. Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy

Full Text: Vols. 1-23 (1998-2020)

Indexed: Vols. 1-25#2 (1998-2022)

Published by Springer Nature B.V.

Subjects: Health, Ethics, Medical Jurisprudence, Bioethics

Medicine, Health Care and Philosophy is the official journal of the European Society for Philosophy of Medicine and Health Care. It provides a forum for international exchange of research data, theories, reports, and opinions in bioethics and philosophy of medicine. The journal promotes interdisciplinary studies and stimulates philosophical analysis centered on a common object of reflection: health care, the human effort to deal with disease, illness, death as well as health, well-being and life. Particular attention is paid to developing contributions from all European countries and to making accessible scientific work and reports on the practice of health care ethics, from all nations, cultures, and language areas in Europe.

9. On the Cusp


Published by UNT Dallas College of Law

Subjects: Legal Practice and Procedure, Constitutional Law, Generally, Communications Laws

It is the mission of On the Cusp as a publication of UNT Dallas Law Review to bridge the gap between law school and practice by providing a series of cogent and concise journal publications that keep those in legal practice and interested in contemporary changes in the legal environment apprised of the practical application of the law in various legal fields. It is a student-run publication with the primary purpose of publishing practice-relevant articles for practicing attorneys. 

10. Rutgers International Law and Human Rights Journal

Vols. 1-2 (2021-2022)

Published by Rutgers University Law School (Newark)

Subjects: Human Rights Law, International Agencies, International Law, United Nations

Law reviews and student-run journals have played a large role in legal scholarship for the last decade. With the advance of globalization and its attendant impacts on legal actors from all corners, many international legal issues remain unsettled, or are unidentified altogether. The legitimacy of international law and human rights depends on innovative scholarship. By operating the first student-run and peer-reviewed journal of international law in the United States, the Rutgers Journal of International Law and Human Rights seek to reinvigorate the field. The Journal publishes twice a year. The Fall issue is digital and solely student-edited, and the Spring issue is print and peer-reviewed.

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