What’s New in HeinOnline: October 2022 Content Release


Meet us at midnight for the latest HeinOnline content drop.

Just kidding — you can find a whole month’s worth of new content right now! So if your depression is working the graveyard shift, take some time to dig through all of the exciting titles within your favorite databases. Don’t get sad — get reading. T-Swift playing in the background not necessary, but recommended.

Updated databases: 56
New titles: 
New volumes: 
New pages added last month: 
Total pages in HeinOnline: 

Highlights from the Past Month

We Received a KBART Endorsement

We are proud to announce that HeinOnline is now officially a KBART-endorsed vendor! Not sure what KBART is? It stands for “Knowledge Bases and Related Tools” and is a National Information Standards Organization (NISO) Recommended Practice for the communication of electronic resource title list and coverage data from content providers to knowledge base suppliers. In simpler terms, it helps ensure that all of the correct data is in place for HeinOnline’s content to be accessible and discoverable within libraries.

We Highlighted Our Democracy in America Database

This month, we wanted our customers to experience Alexis de Tocqueville’s Democracy in America in an entirely new way. We offered a webinar on HeinOnline’s interactive digital edition of de Tocqueville’s classic work, with a special guest appearance from the editor himself, Alan Keely. And now through November, you can receive a 10% discount on this unique database!

We Showcased How to Locate U.S. Presidential Commission Reports

Named to the 2018 list of Best Historical Materials, HeinOnline’s Reports of U.S. Presidential Commissions and Other Advisory Bodies is a unique resource containing the most current and comprehensive listing of publications created by presidential advisory bodies from the administrations of Andrew Jackson to Joe Biden. Learn how you can use this database to locate U.S. Presidential Commission reports in HeinOnline!

We Released a New Edition of National Survey of State Laws

We’re excited to announce the release of the new edition of National Survey of State Laws! The 9th edition includes an additional 120 pages and three years of updates for every chapter. It also has four new chapters.

We Explored Key Issues on the SCOTUS Docket

The 2022-2023 Supreme Court term opened on Monday, October 3, and based on the number of precedents that were overturned during the last term, many are expecting the same to happen here too. And several high-profile topics are on the SCOTUS docket: First Amendment, environmental protections, affirmative action, voting rights, and much more.

We Dug Up What Happens to Unclaimed Dead Bodies

If you’ve ever thought about your death, you’ve probably imagined your family and friends celebrating your life and remembering the good times. Maybe you’ll be buried in a cemetery next to a deceased relative, or cremated and kept as a reminder by those who love you. But that’s not the case for everyone. Some people go “unclaimed” and are left to the state. Each state law varies in the handling of unclaimed dead bodies.

We Reviewed a Recent Court Case on the ADA and Gender Dysphoria

Gender dysphoria is defined as the clinical distress that a person may experience due to the difference between their gender identity and their biological sex. Based on a recent ruling in the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, this condition is protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), which is a major win for both the LGBTQ and disability communities. 

We Offered Tips for Preventing Plagiarism

Plagiarism and academic dishonesty encompass a spectrum of activities ranging from the most egregious, such as a student paying an essay service to write a paper for them, to less dire offenses, such as failing to provide adequate attributions for source material. In this HeinOnline in the Classroom post, we focus on proactive actions that you can take to prevent plagiarism in the classroom before it happens.

We Investigated the Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death

The Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Deaths reconstruct scenes of death both suspicious and malicious, shocking and ordinary: the farmer hanged in his barn; the young couple bloody in their bed; a woman, fully clothed, half-hanging out of her old fashioned bathtub, water pouring onto her face. The Nutshell Studies were built throughout the 1940s by a most unusual artist, Frances Glessner Lee, the “mother of forensic science.”

We Launched Another Secret of the Serial Set

Humans have always been fascinated by space. From Aristotle to Hipparchus to Ptolemy to Copernicus, great philosophers and scientists have studied the stars and planets to make meaning of the world and what lays beyond it. The moon in the night sky has held mysteries which for centuries mankind could only dream about. That all changed on July 21, 1969, when Neil Armstrong first stepped out of the Eagle lunar module onto the fine—and stinky—dust coating the surface of the moon.

New LibGuides Added This Month

HeinOnline LibGuides and the database A-Z list are a great way to learn more about database content and interface functionality. We recently added these new guides:

Major Database Updates

We’ve added a ton of content to some of our most popular HeinOnline databases! Check out the substantial additions this month:

  • The Law Journal Library continues to grow with the addition of 13 new journals.
  • 176 hearings, 55 CRS Reports, and one committee print were added to the U.S. Congressional Documents database.
  • 85 titles were added to Reports of U.S. Presidential Commissions and Other Advisory Bodies.
  • 74 titles were added to GAO Reports and Comptroller General Decisions.
  • Legal Classics grew by 53 titles.
  • American Enterprise Institute grew by 45 titles.
  • Eight titles were added to Criminal Justice and Criminology.

That’s not all! Expand each collection below to discover additional updates, along with our favorite titles from each addition.

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