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Several members of the HeinOnline team contribute to the HeinOnline Blog to make database research not only easy, but enticing. The authors have decades of combined experience working with HeinOnline, so they are well-versed in the nuances of each database. Their expertise helps both new and experienced users find the best ways to navigate HeinOnline and locate the most relevant hidden gems.

Peruse the HeinOnline Blog to discover endless content relating to numerous disciplines, including law, history, international relations, criminal justice, human rights, and many more. Stay in the know about new and upcoming databases, features, and other content. Refresh and refine your understanding of HeinOnline with useful tips and tricks.

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A Topic for Every Researcher

Secrets of the Serial Set: A Blog Series

In addition to writing about the above topics and more, HeinOnline’s authors are dedicated to illuminating the most essential research resources for their readers.

The Serial Set is a must-have publication for any historical researcher. With more than two centuries of documents spanning more than 17,000 volumes, no other publication so beautifully reflects the maturation of the United States. To demonstrate the value of the Serial Set, we’ve created a blog series dedicated to revealing the historical secrets hidden throughout the immense publication.

Each month, join HeinOnline as we explore notable events in U.S. history using the primary sources themselves.

discover the secrets

About the Authors

Lauren Mattiuzzo

Lauren is the lead member of the Marketing team and oversees HeinOnline Support. She has been with the company for more than 20 years. When Lauren is not chasing around her tiny humans, she enjoys rooting on her favorite Buffalo sports teams, crushing a ride on her Peloton, and catching up on the latest true crime documentary with her husband. She is passionate about social justice and funfetti cake.

Stephanie Ruesch 

Stephanie is a member of the Hein Publications team. She joined Hein in April of 2012 preparing books and other content for digitization. After hours, Stephanie spends too much time binge watching anything and everything, hanging out with friends and family, and can be found on most Friday nights busting clay targets on the trap field. A dedicated volunteer at the Erie County SPCA, the highlight of her week is when she gets to teach all the good dogs some manners, give them their belly rubs, and feed them lots of cheese.

Lauren Zazzara

Lauren is the newest member of the Hein Marketing team, joining the company as a copywriter in September 2021. Originally from Rochester, Lauren moved to the City of Good Neighbors in 2018, but she hasn’t yet been to a Bills game. When she isn’t (loudly) typing away at her keyboard, you can likely find her reading a novel, drinking some hot tea, adoring her beloved cat Margaret, taking a nap, or cruising around town in her obnoxiously cute yellow VW Beetle.

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