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If you’re interested in using HeinOnline, discovering great research tips and tricks, and expanding your knowledge of a variety of disciplines, the HeinOnline Blog is the place to be. Peruse the blog to stay in the know about new and upcoming databases, features, interface enhancements, and other content. Refresh and refine your understanding of HeinOnline with getting started guides, searching strategies, and other tips and tricks. Finally, discover fascinating content relating to numerous disciplines, including history, law, international relations, criminal justice, human rights, and many more.

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Capital Building on Inauguration day 2005
Political Science

The Extraordinary Cost to Inaugurate a President

Presidential inaugurations have always been expensive, and experts estimate the cost of last week’s inauguration of President Donald Trump and the accompanying celebrations to be between $175 million and $200 million. Check out some interesting facts about inaugurations in this blog.

image of $200 bills with Alexander Hamilton's face featured

Happy Birthday Alexander Hamilton & Salmon P. Chase

Beginning this year, we will be discussing notable figures in legal history and what information can be found on them in HeinOnline. Last week marked the birthdays of Alexander Hamilton and Salmon P. Chase, both of whom greatly influenced the national banking system of the United States.

Image of Martin Luther King Jr. at a protest

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Yesterday, the United States observed the holiday which marks Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday. Martin Luther King Jr. was born on January 15, 1929 in Atlanta, Georgia. The name Martin Luther was chosen in honor of the German religious reformer from the 1500s.

Image of Computer and Notebook
Tips and Tricks

Fact-Check to Avoid Spreading Fake News

Fake news is still a real concern in American society, except its current iteration has different intentions: making money and political influence. Fake news is not a new problem.

2016 Calendar

2016 Year in Review

What a tumultuous year 2016 turned out to be! HeinOnline has been steadily adding new databases and new content to existing modules, as well as developing helpful tools designed to improve research experiences. Here’s a brief review of what HeinOnline accomplished in 2016!

picture of a computer and charts

Top 100 Journals: New Comparison

Back in July, an analysis was released on the HeinOnline blog which compared the depth of HeinOnline’s journal content with five other legal research databases. We now include a comparison between HeinOnline and the EBSCO Index to Legal Periodicals.


of the Serial Set


The Clinton-Lewinsky Scandal. The Manhattan Project. The Louisiana Purchase.

In addition to writing about the above topics and more, HeinOnline’s authors are dedicated to illuminating the most essential research resources for their readers.

The Serial Set is a must-have publication for any historical researcher. With more than two centuries of documents spanning more than 17,000 volumes, no other publication so beautifully reflects the maturation of the United States. To demonstrate the value of the Serial Set, we’ve created a blog series dedicated to revealing the historical secrets hidden throughout the immense publication.

Each month, join HeinOnline as we explore notable events in U.S. history using the primary sources themselves.

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