HeinOnline's Tip of the Week: Searching and Using Boolean Operators

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Using the One-box and Advanced Search options:

When forming a search query using the One-box and Advanced Search options, you must use Boolean Operators (AND, +, OR, NOT, -) to combine multiple terms and you must capitalize the operators. Additionally, quotations are important when searching for a phrase or multiple phrases. Below are a few tips for building search queries using the Advanced and One-box search options.

Tip #1 – Boolean Operators must be all CAPITALS.
Use AND vs. and, OR vs. or, NOT vs. not. Using lower case operators can greatly impact the quantity and quality of your search results. Example: Input the following search query using the Advanced Search option within the Journals library:

text:”power imbalance” or “power balance in mediation” (choose all titles and leave section types checked to default options)

The quantity of results received is greater than 877,000…

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Now Live! Search within your Search Results

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New and Improved Search Screens and Search Results Format

We hope you all had a very Happy New Year! With the start of 2008, we at HeinOnline have kicked off a new look and feel for our search screens and search results. You may have noticed the differences already, but we wanted to take a moment to explain the changes we made. Not only did we improve the look, but we also enhanced the search results to allow you to search within your results and view all articles by a specific author with the click of a mouse.

The first of these changes can be seen when clicking on either the field or advanced search options from within a library…

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New search tool for the Index to Periodical Articles Related to Law publication – coming soon!

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Next month, HeinOnline will release an enhancement that will allow you to search an Index to Periodical Articles Related to Law Database. The database was created from the Index to Periodical Articles Related to Law publication, which is compiled and edited by Roy M. Mersky and Donald J. Dunn and has been published since 1958. To provide this functionality, the HeinOnline Development Team has spent the last few months building the database, which contains a bibliographic entry for every article that is indexed in the publication. This enhancement will make it easier for you to find articles in the index relating to a specific subject or written by a specific author, without having to browse page by page of the Index every time…

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New Search & Browse Capabilities in Legal Classics Collection

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Looking for a “Classic” from tens or even hundreds of years ago that has to do with Transportation or Constitutional Law or another subject of interest? We’ve made it easier to find a Classics title, by providing the ability to browse by subject or search by subject in the Legal Classics collection. In building this capability, we identified over 70 subjects that classify the content of the titles. We then related every title to at least one subject and in many cases multiple depending upon the title’s content. The browsing and searching capabilities are further defined below.

Browse by Subject:

Select “By Subject” under the browse options found on the Resources tab to display the list of subjects…

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