Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning Tools Added to More Databases in HeinOnline!

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Lauren Mattiuzzo

Two months ago, new natural language processing and machine learning tools were released in beta format in HeinOnline’s Law Journal Library. These tools are now available in three more databases: ABA Law Library Collection Periodicals, Bar Journals Library, and Kluwer Law International Journal Library!

Benefits of Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning Tools

Wondering what these natural language processing and machine learning tools actually do? Here’s a quick overview:

More Like This: When viewing an article in HeinOnline…

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NEW Restatement Section Locator Tool in the American Law Institute Library!

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Lauren Mattiuzzo

It is now easier than ever to locate specific sections in Restatements of the Law! Thanks to a suggestion from a customer at the John Marshall Law School, the American Law Institute Library now contains a Restatement Section Locator tool. Whether you are looking for a current Restatement or an older one, HeinOnline meets all your research needs!

Quickly Locate a Restatement

The Restatement Section Locator tool can be found on the American Law Institute Library homepage. To use this tool, choose the Restatement name from the drop-down menu and enter the section number…

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NEW: Email Selected Catalog Search Results

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Lauren Mattiuzzo

HeinOnline is constantly being updated to include new features to help researchers have the best possible experience. Users can now email selected catalog search results. This new feature is perfect for sharing title lists with students and colleagues. Accounts that are properly branded with proxy information can receive both direct links and proxy links. Don’t have a branded account? Read more about branding in this recent blog post.

How to Email Catalog Search Results

When searching in HeinOnline, the search bar remains stationary throughout the database…

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Wrongful Convictions and Innocence Projects

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Lauren Mattiuzzo

The Innocence Project celebrated its 25th anniversary earlier this month. The number of exonerations in the United States has increased each year for the past three years, and recently hit a record high. There are more than three exonerations on average per week, which is double the 2011 rate. The main causes of wrongful convictions include forensic misconduct, eyewitness misidentification, and inadequate legal defense. HeinOnline is proud to support various innocence projects around the United States.

The Innocence Project

The Innocence Project was founded in 1992 by Barry Scheck and Peter Neufeld…

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Researching Natural Disasters in HeinOnline

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Lauren Mattiuzzo

Natural disasters can devastate people and businesses. In the past month, news stations have broadcasted the destructive effect that Hurricane Harvey, Irma, and Maria have had on the southeast portion of the United States, Puerto Rico, and the Caribbean. Congressional Service Reports provide insight on and reports discussing the laws related to natural disasters and what effect these hurricanes can have on Congress. HeinOnline contains a multitude of documents pertaining to natural disasters.

Search Across All Databases

To begin, conduct a search throughout all the databases in HeinOnline…

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The Watergate Scandal, Part II: Pentagon Papers

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Lauren Mattiuzzo

Earlier this summer we blogged about HeinOnline’s journal and government document coverage, and how it relates to researching historical events. The blog provided a brief synopsis of the Watergate Scandal and how to research this topic in multiple HeinOnline databases. Let’s now look at the link between the Watergate scandal and the Pentagon Papers, which are available in HeinOnline.

History of the Pentagon Papers

The Pentagon Papers, officially titled United States-Vietnam Relations…

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NEW! Title Alerts Now Available

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Lauren Mattiuzzo

Can’t keep up with all the titles we are adding each month? Want to be alerted when titles with certain terms or keywords are added to HeinOnline? Well now you can thanks to a customer suggestion! Users now have the ability to save catalog search queries to their MyHein account. Utilize this personal research tool to save search queries and maximize your research time. To learn more about MyHein, view the user’s guide and create your account today!

How to Set Up Alerts

When searching in HeinOnline

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Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning Tools in HeinOnline: Part 2

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Shannon Furtak

Last month, new natural language processing and machine learning tools were released in beta format in HeinOnline’s Law Journal Library. This blog post described the new More Like This tool, as well as new topic and entity application, in detail. This month, additional features using these concepts are now available.

What’s New?

Topics and entities are now available within document metadata fields and search facets. Entities include location, person, and organization. For instance, search for “Supreme Court” AND gerrymander* and sort results by number of times cited by articles…

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New in HeinOnline: The Canadian Bar Review

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Lauren Mattiuzzo

The Canadian Bar Review has been added to HeinOnline with the August content release. This peer-reviewed legal journal founded in 1923 is the successor to Canadian Law Times and Canada Law Journal, which date back to 1855 and provide important insight into Canadian legal history. These two journals ceased publishing to form the Canadian Bar Review. For the first time ever, all three publications are available on one platform.

About the Canadian Bar Review

The Canadian Bar Review is compiled by the Canadian Bar Association

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North Korea and the Nuclear Crisis

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Lauren Mattiuzzo

North Korea recently made threats about a possible nuclear war, claiming that they have successfully built an intercontinental ballistic missile. In response to this announcement, Donald Trump has warned Kim Jong Un that the United States military is ready to retaliate if needed. Although media statements from North Korea revealed Kim Jong Un’s plan to fire missiles 25 miles off of Guam—a harbor to two U.S. military bases—he soon retracted his statement. While this is considered current news, history proves this conflict is nothing new.

History of North Korea and Nuclear Weapons

  • In 1985…

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