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Midterm Elections Recap

Although they don’t usually draw as large of a turnout as presidential elections, midterms are important in determining the agendas and priorities of the U.S. government for the next two years. Check out our recap of the results!

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HeinOnline’s State Constitutions Illustrated: December 2022 Update

A year ago we updated researchers on new material that was added to State Constitutions Illustrated. Since December, 96 additional current documents have been added to 35 states. All states are up to date as of the elections of November 8, 2022.

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8 Forgotten Stories from American History

American history is brimming with lesser-known—but still fascinating—phenomena that even the most diligent historian may have forgotten. Read to explore a few of these stories with HeinOnline.

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McGirt v. Oklahoma: A Historic Win for Native American Rights

This summer, a landmark decision from the Supreme Court marked a historic win for Native American tribes, acknowledging their rights and transforming the justice system. Explore the landmark decision, its background, and what was actually affected by the ruling with HeinOnline.

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HeinOnline’s State Constitutions Illustrated: August 2020 Update

Back in February, we updated researchers on new material that was added to our new database, State Constitutions Illustrated. In the last six months, we’ve added more material! Read below for an update to see what’s new in this database.

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HeinOnline’s State Constitutions Illustrated: February 2020 Update

Back in November, we released a new database, State Constitutions Illustrated. It contains nearly 9,000 current and historical constitutions for all fifty states. Since the release we’ve added much more material! Read below for an update to see what’s new in this database.

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All That Glitters Might Be Gold: Establishing the State of California

More than 170 years ago, the course of American history was forever changed when millwright James W. Marshall discovered gold in the new U.S. territory of California. Keep reading to learn more about the gold rush and its role in the formation of “the Golden State.”

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NEW DATABASE: State Constitutions Illustrated Is Now Available!

We are excited to announce that our newest database, State Constitutions Illustrated, is now available! This database is perfect for anyone interested in comparative constitutional studies, the legal and political history of the United States, or state-specific research.