AALL 2022 Annual Meeting & Conference Recap


After three long and lonely years, we at the Hein Company were SO thrilled that the AALL 2022 Annual Meeting & Conference was in-person this summer. Seeing our customers in real life, beyond the limits of a computer screen, for the first time since 2019 was an incredibly rewarding experience. We are so grateful to AALL for hosting yet another amazing conference, as well as to everyone who stopped by our booth to listen to our demos, see what’s new in HeinOnline, and to provide suggestions and feedback. We’d also like to congratulate Sarah Mauldin, Law Librarian at DeKalb County Law Library, for winning our giveaway for a MacBook Air!

Below, we’ll dive into what we were up to during our stay in Denver, CO.

the HeinOnline team at AALL
From left: Steve Roses, Shannon Hein, Shane Marmion, Stephanie Ruesch, Lauren Mattiuzzo, Tim Hooge, Chris Czopp, Ben Boron, and Dan Rosati

Hein Booth Demos

We had great attendance at our demos this year—especially for our brand-new LGBTQ+ Rights database and our presentation on what’s new in HeinOnline, featuring fan favorite Steve Roses. Here is a breakdown of what was covered in each of the demos:

What’s New & Coming Soon

Our Director of Sales, Steve Roses, presented on all of the new features in HeinOnline, as well as what’s on the horizon. Some of the highlights included five new databases, milestones at HeinOnline including surpassing 200 million pages, a variety of new features such as PathFinder, and much more! Coming soon is a Water Rights database—stay tuned for more information about it!

New Database: LGBTQ+ Rights

Publications Lead Stephanie Ruesch introduced our visitors to our newest database, LGBTQ+ Rights. A free collection now available within our Social Justice Suite, this database focuses on the gay rights movement in America from the 1950s through the present day, showing the civil rights codified into law in the 20th and 21st centuries, as well as the inequalities that still exist today.

Publications Lead Stephanie Ruesch demonstrates HeinOnline's new LGBTQ+ Rights database

New Database: Bremer-Kovacs Collection

Winner of the 2022 Joseph L. Andrews Legal Literature Award

Compiled by Kathryn E. Kovacs, Emily S. Bremer, and Charlotte D. Schneider, our Bremer-Kovacs Collection: Historic Documents Related to the Administrative Procedure Act of 1946 database was released in December 2021 to help make the APA more accessible and understandable. This collection features an interactive timeline, as well as contents including:

  1. congressional hearings held on proposed legislation
  2. treatises written by the men involved in the issue of administrative reform
  3. reports on administrative agencies
  4. textbooks written after the APA’s passage

New Feature: IFLP Alerts

HeinOnline’s Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals (IFLP) database is an interactive online version of AALL’s Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals, the preeminent multilingual index to articles and book reviews appearing in more than 800 legal journals worldwide. Marketing and HeinOnline Support Professional Lauren Mattiuzzo presented this demo illustrating our new feature, IFLP Alerts, which allows individuals to tailor custom alerts delivered via email as a personalized supplement to the monthly IFLP issue.

National Survey of State Laws, 9th Edition

We were pleased to welcome Rich and Wendy Leiter to discuss the new 9th edition of their online and print product National Survey of State Laws, which offers easy comparison of state laws for a variety of topics. The print edition of this book will be available by the end of summer, while the database version is currently available with fully up-to-date entries on hot-button topics including Abortion, Gun Control, and Voter Rights.

Rich and Wendy Leiter presenting the 9th edition of National Survey of State Laws at AALL 2022

MyHein: New and Improved Interface

When MyHein was initially launched in 2008, it was merely a bookmarking tool. Since then, this HeinOnline staple has become a multidimensional research tool for power researchers. For the first time, MyHein has received a major face-lift. All functionality has remained the same, but now MyHein is easier to use and easier on the eyes. Lauren M. presented all of the new updates in MyHein and demonstrated how to use it.

New Feature: PathFinder

As we grow our multidisciplinary content, we continue to enhance methods for its discovery, including ways to more easily utilize our thousands of research concepts in browsing and searching. PathFinder is a suite of browse and search tools for subject-specific research, powered by a multi-level subject taxonomy that has been organized from the ground up based on our initial list of 1,500 “topics.” Senior Director of Sales Tim Hooge presented our demonstration of PathFinder and how researchers can utilize it within our Law Journal Library.

Coming Soon: Water Rights

Within the next few months, we will be adding a brand-new database to HeinOnline called Water Rights, focusing on legal issues surrounding access to and the delivery of water. Access to safe drinking water is a necessity many of us take for granted, expecting results at the turn of a tap. This collection examines the many legal issues surrounding society’s collective, vested interest in access to water.


Subjects include:

  • Riparian rights
  • Irrigation
  • Water delivery and storage
  • Drought and water scarcity
  • Flood control
  • Bureau of Reclamation

Stay tuned to the HeinOnline Blog for more information about this database as it becomes available!

See You Next Year in Boston!

We have our fingers crossed for another in-person conference next year, currently slated for Boston. We’re so grateful for the opportunity to meet our customers turned friends, and we thank you for your loyalty and support of HeinOnline!

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