2022 Year in Review


After years of uncertainty, we were hesitant to see what 2022 held. While this past year did bring us monkeypox, high inflation, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the death of Queen Elizabeth II, and much more, there was also a lot of good that came with this year. Victoria’s Secret featured a model with Down syndrome, countries agreed on climate and biodiversity funding, a new drug showed promise in slowing Alzheimer’s, and an HIV vaccine was introduced.

As the internet was exploding over Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover and ChatGPT was giving Google a run for its money, HeinOnline continued to grow (even through a once-in-a-generation blizzard!). As always, we worked diligently each month to bring our customers new and exciting content. But this year we also unveiled new MyHein and Knowledge Base interfaces. In 2022 alone, HeinOnline had more than 50 million searches and more than 1.7 billion hits! Our dedicated Support Team logged more than 10,000 hours of live support, helping customers during nearly 1,000 chats and 1,000 phone calls. During that time, we also added new databases and content and implemented new search features. Here’s a brief synopsis of what happened with HeinOnline in 2022.

New Databases

1. Law Academy Project

This comprehensive collection of works explores the history of the Law Academy of Philadelphia from its beginnings to the mid-twentieth century, compiled by editor Dr. Joel Fishman. Within the database, users will find biographies of the Academy’s leading officers; course pamphlets; annual addresses from noted local, national, and international law experts; as well as other shorter pieces relating to the Academy.

2. LGBTQ+ Rights

The newest addition to the perpetually free Social Justice Suite, this collection consists of materials relating to the gay rights movement in America from 1950 until present day, including an interactive timeline, as well as subject-coded court cases, scholarly articles, books, pamphlets, reports, and more.

3. Water Rights and Resources

This collection of more than 4,000 titles and nearly 700,000 pages is a highly editorialized database dedicated to understanding the complex interplay of state and federal laws that govern all aspects of water in society, from municipal use to restoring its pristine condition.

New Features

New MyHein Interface

MyHein has become a multidimensional research tool for power researchers, and this year it received a major facelift! All functionality has remained the same, but now MyHein is easier to use and easier on the eyes.

IFLP Alerts

To make IFLP even more beneficial to our users, we created IFLP Alerts. This feature allows individuals to tailor custom alerts delivered via email as a personalized supplement to the monthly IFLP issue. 

icon of a headphone

Blog Accessibility

To increase the accessibility of our blog posts, we now include a text-to-voice option powered by AI. This new tool allows readers to listen to our posts and stay informed with HeinOnline through the power of audio.

2022 HeinOnline Hits

Let’s dig even deeper. See below for the most accessed articles, databases, blogs, and more!

Other Notable Content Additions

Since January 2022, HeinOnline has added:

  • 6,251,765 pages, bringing the total page count to 204,758,453
  • 132 new journals
  • 5,323 congressional documents
  • 3,365 CRS Reports
  • 1,112 legal classics
  • 981 GAO opinions
  • 374 titles to Taxation and Economic Reform in America: Parts I & II
  • 206 titles to Religion and the Law
  • 171 titles to Indigenous Peoples of the Americas: History, Culture & Law
  • 156 titles to Immigration Law & Policy in the U.S.
  • 126 titles to U.S. International Trade Library
  • 100 federal legislative histories

New titles and new content for existing titles continue to be added and milestones continue to be reached, including:

Check icon

A vaccination subcollection was added to the COVID-19 database.

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A second edition of Multinational Sources Compared: A Subject and Jurisdiction Index was released.

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We partnered with Springer to bring 35 new journals to the Law Journal Library.

Check icon

We turned 22 in 2022!

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Bremer-Kovacs Collection received the Joseph L. Andrews Legal Literature Award.

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We received a KBART endorsement.

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We added two important publications from the Native Nations Law & Policy Center to the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas database.

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The Legal Classics library now contains a 21-volume set of Gustavus Schmidt‘s legal briefs.

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The New York Legal Research Library now contains two new subcollections covering state constitutions and prestatehood legal materials.

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We released the 9th edition of National Survey of State Laws, including thee years of updates.

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The American Law Institute now contains two new subcollections: ALA-ABA Books and ALA-ABA Periodicals.

For a quick visual summary, check out this infographic!

2022 HeinOnline Year in Review Infographic
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