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HeinOnline Has Integrated with NoodleTools!

To enhance the research experience for all HeinOnline users—and particularly high schools, colleges, and universities—we’re excited to announce that we’ve integrated with NoodleTools, a popular online research management platform designed for any level of research experience.

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You Asked, We Delivered: New Edit Features Available for Author Profile Pages!

Over the years, we’ve refined author profiles pages based on customer and employee suggestions. One question that has been on the mind of HeinOnline authors: When will I be able to edit my own author profile? Well, friends, the answer is now. Keep reading for a guide to using these two new features.

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HeinOnline Has Integrated with ORCID!

To make your author experience easier, HeinOnline has integrated with ORCID, a registry of unique identifiers (called ORCID iDs) for researchers and scholars. Registering for an ORCID iD is free, and will ensure that you receive accurate attribution for your contributions to the legal field.

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New Feature Alert! Improved Author Profiles in HeinOnline

Valuable feedback from both authors and librarians has helped HeinOnline refine its author profiles, allowing users to better understand the context of an author’s work while also helping authors better promote their publications. Learn about our latest additions, now live in beta form.

Go on, Venn-t a Little: New Feature Added to HeinOnline!

At HeinOnline, we want to do everything we can to streamline your research experience. Thanks to suggestions from Curtin University, Murdoch University, and The University of Notre Dame Australia, we are excited to introduce Venn Diagrams in beta format as a visual research aid.


New Metric Added to Author Profile Pages

Professor Kerr sent us a direct message on Twitter with several points of feedback on HeinOnline’s Author Profile Pages. He offered the suggestion to add a new metric: average number of citations per article. Check out this new metric along with some icons that received a facelift.