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HeinOnline Academic for Canada

An academic research package designed for any Canadian university or college.

A Research Platform for Any Canadian Academic Institution

Join the fastest-growing research database in the world and replace existing resources for a fraction of the cost. HeinOnline Academic for Canada is an entire digital library of authoritative sources that both illuminate the past and inform on the present. Unearth both true-to-print documents from the annals of history as well as modern-day publications crucial to the study of recent events and developing disciplines. Complement this wealth of primary sources with more than 3,000 multidisciplinary journals covering more than 1,000 research topics. Every article has been categorized into nearly 40 overarching academic subjects, including: 

All documents within HeinOnline are provided in a fully searchable image-based format, offering users the authority of print with the ease of online searching. Unique search tools powered by machine learning, a personalized research platform, and scholarly impact analysis features further enhance the research experience. HeinOnline’s help pages guide subscribers through the use of its interface, tools, and databases and our friendly support team is available for personalized training sessions, live chat, phone calls, and emails. 

The Materials to Meet Any Academic Research Need

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Access more than 3,000 multidisciplinary journals that discuss, analyze, and reflect on a variety of academic disciplines.

Canadian resources

Peruse authoritative, true-to-print primary sources that both unveil Canadian history and contextualize current events. 

u.s.-specific content

Explore case law, official published opinions from the U.S. Supreme Court, and U.S. government documents.


Locate original  treaties, national constitutions, foreign policy documents, and more from countries all over the world. 

Included in the Package

Explore the multidisciplinary resources, current and historical Canadian primary sources, U.S.-specific materials, and international documents that make up the package.

Integrative Resources

Law Journal Library

A collection of more than 3,000 online academic journals, each dating back to inception and extending through the most current issue available.

Women and the Law

Books, biographies, and periodicals dedicated to the role of women in society and the progression of women's rights over the past several centuries.

Criminal Justice & Criminology

A historical overview of these two ever-changing disciplines, including periodicals, rare pamphlets, memoirs, books, hearings, and more.

Religion and the Law

Thousands of books, periodicals, and bibliographies relating to the history of church and state, religion and freedom, and more.

Civil Rights and Social Justice

Study the expansion of civil rights in America through government publications, legislation, supreme court briefs, and more.

COVID-19: Pandemics Past and Present

Government reports and articles demonstrating how COVID-19 and other pandemics have impacted public health, economics, society, and the world.

Gun Regulation and Legislation in America

Nearly one thousand titles dealing with the difficult and important topic of gun regulation, including periodicals, legislative histories, hearings, and more.

Slavery in America and the World

A multitude of essential legal materials on slavery in the U.S. and elsewhere, including every federal, state, and colony statute and all reported relevant cases.

Legal Classics

Nearly 20,000 works from some of the greatest legal minds in history, including rare items found in only a handful of libraries around the world.

Military and Government

Thousands of diverse publications related to the history, glory, might, and daily nitty-gritty of administrating America’s fighting forces.

Legal Dictionaries

An impressive collection of legal dictionaries composed of nearly 300 titles from various countries on multiple law-related topics.

NOMOS: A Political and Legal Philosophy Series

A highly regarded series from the American Society for Political and Legal Philosophy, featuring scholarly works from leading political and legal theorists.

Law Academy Project

A comprehensive collection of works exploring the history of the Law Academy of Philadelphia, compiled by editor Dr. Joel Fishman.

LGBTQ+ Rights

A collection of materials and interactive timeline relating to the gay rights movement in America, from 1950 until present day.

Military Legal Resources (U.S. Army JAG School)

An exhaustive collection created in collaboration with the William Winthrop Memorial Library of the U.S. Army JAG School.

Canadian Resources

Canada Supreme Court Reports

The official bilingual series of the Supreme Court Reports of Canada, beginning with the first volume published in 1876 and including nearly 10,000 cases.

Provincial Statutes of Canada

Containing the provincial statutes for all ten Canadian provinces, as well as public and private acts passed by Canadian provincial governments.

Revised Statutes of Canada

A compilation of all federal laws of Canada passed by the parliament since Confederation, including the periodic consolidation of the Statutes of Canada.

U.S.-Specific Content


The full text of state and federal case law, with inline hyperlinking, negative treatment indicators, citation lookup tools, and more.

U.S. Supreme Court Library

Complete coverage of the official U.S. Reports, providing access to all U.S. Supreme Court cases, as well as slip opinions and preliminary prints.

Executive Privilege Archive

Primary and secondary source material relating to executive privilege from all three branches of the U.S. government, as well as books and scholarly articles.

International Documents

Foreign Relations of the United States

The official documentary historical record of major U.S. foreign policy decisions and significant diplomatic activity dating back to 1861.

World Constitutions Illustrated

Constitutional and government documents from every country currently in existence, as well as thousands of related classic books and articles.

World Trials Library

Trial transcripts and other critical court documents, as well as trial-related resources such as monographs and biographies.

English Reports

The original bound reprint of The English Reports, a collection of judgments of the higher English Courts between 1220 and 1866.

Open Society Justice Initiative​

Reports, handbooks, briefing papers, and more exploring and advocating on issues of human rights and justice.

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